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Wholeness in the areas of

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27 Authors, 1500 years of wisdom for women by women


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Your beloved and trusted guides to Wholeness:

Dr. Barbara Lowe

Licensed Psychologist
International Author, Speaker & Podcaster
Founder of Hearts Returning Home

Robia Scott

Actress & Dancer
Author & Speaker

Real Talk Kim

Senior Pastor
International Author & Speaker

Jenny Weaver

Worship Leader
Author & Speaker
Founder of JW Online Academy

Pastor Niki Hardy

Author, Speaker & Blogger
Cancer Thriver
Ministry Leader

Dr Sheri Keffer

Speaker, Author, Blogger
Sexual Betrayal Recovery Expert

Dr. Shannan Crawford

Psychologist & Therapist
Innovator-expert in Restoring Self-Cohesion
Author & Speaker

Pastor Valora Cole

Speaker, Author & Podcaster
International Conference Host

Leslie Vernick

Counselor & Coach
Author & Speaker
CONQUER Conference Founder

Dr. Rhona Epstein

Leading Expert on Food Addiction
Author & Speaker

Carol McLeod

Bible Teacher
Best-Selling Author
Conference & Retreat Speaker

Dr. Gina Prince

Author & Speaker
Blogger & Podcaster

The How-To Guide for Women’s Wholeness
Body, Soul, & Spirit

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FREE Devotional Companion

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Racial Reconciliation in the Church

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Wholeness Boundaries


You will be catapulted into Wholeness through these Chapters infused with life-changing and lavish wisdom:
  • Wholeness in Her Emotions
  • Wholeness After Emotional Abuse
  • Wholeness After a Challenging Childhood
  • Wholeness After Domestic Violence
  • Wholeness in Healing from High Conflict Divorce
  • Wholeness in Her Freedom from Addiction
  • Wholeness in Her Finances
  • Wholeness in her Freedom from Food Addiction
  • Wholeness After Her Diagnosis
  • Wholeness in Her Rest
  • Wholeness in Her Freedom from Disordered Eating
  • Wholeness in Her Reproductive Loss Recovery
  • Wholeness in Her Worship
  • Wholeness in Her Seeking Comfort
  • Wholeness in her Dark Night of the Soul
  • Wholeness During Her Trials and Storms
  • Wholeness in Her Prayer Life
  • Wholeness After Sexual Betrayal
  • Wholeness in Her Singleness
  • Wholeness in Her Motherhood
  • Wholeness in Her Friendships
  • Wholeness in Finding Her Voice
  • Wholeness in Her Determination
  • Wholeness in Her Leadership
  • Wholeness in Her Confidence
  • Wholeness in Her Career
  • Wholeness in Her Pursuit of Purpose
More of your beloved and trusted guides to Wholeness:

Dina Jones

Author & Speaker
Launch Strategist

Dr Saundra Dalton Smith

Motivational Speaker and Author

Georgia Shaffer

Life & Leadership Coach
Author and Speaker
Founder of Mourning Glory Ministries

Mimika Cooney

Author & Speaker
Communications Consultant

Joanna Beck

Author & Speaker
Prophetess & Apostle
Leader of Freedom Meetings

Pastor Joanne Hoehne

Pastor & Teacher
International Conference Speaker

Dr Kim Maas

International Speaker
Prophetess & Preacher
President & CEO of Kim Maas Ministries

Pastor Verna Brown

Senior Pastor
Speaker & Author
Prophetic Worship Leader

Molly Catherine Goodson, Esq.

Speaker & Author

Kate Battistelli

Speaker & Author
Blogger & Podcaster

Ericka D James

Prophetic Strategist

Kay Lyn Carlson

President of Choose Grace International
Licensed Social Worker
Speaker, Author, & Vlogger

Dr Laurel Shaler

Counseling Professor
Speaker & Author

Allison Cartwright


Dr Monica Brennan

Women’s Leadership Professor
Speaker & Author
Women’s Ministry Director


“This allowed me to see my story is not meant to be compared, but to be shared.”
“This was SO good! Hearing the voices, the stories, the struggles and the redeeming powerful overcoming of so many women was incredible.”
“This helped me center on God and let me know that I am not alone.  I have strength to endure and I seek courage to change.”
“This covered so many ways to work through issue I’ve struggled with and how to let go and let God take over.”
“O…M…G!!! SO GOOD!!!!! I received so many blessings!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience!!!!!”
“It hit all of my tender spots in my heart..”
“These women have been through hell and are “still standing”. Some more of my shame has left. These women have shown me that one can never guess what people have gone through because they seem “fine” on the outside. I am starting to be proud that I am ‘still standing’”
“It hit all of my tender spots in my heart..”
“This helped rejuvenate life inside, to equip me to move on from a place of desire and brought hope.”
“I was deeply encouraged and inspired by the women’s personal stories. They gave me courage to face my past, including my pain, give voice to it, and receive the loving transformative power and presence of Jesus into those areas of my life and experience God more deeply.”
“Opened my heart to there being tools to improve, not just survive.”
“It changed in a way where I was blinded but my eyes have been opened up to see the actual picture of life and how can resurface myself into being the strong and courageous person I’m turning into.”
“I feel determined to continue healing and to become whole within myself.”
“I received life affirming details that I will be implementing into my life as I feel instructed by the leading of the Lord!”
“It was like drinking from a firehose outlet of the fountain of living waters.”
“This encouraged me greatly and gave me new wisdom and tools. So blessed. I was so joyfully overwhelmed because I was not expecting all these women to be so real.”
“Answers to many questions!!”
“I feel like I was given so many tools to help me in my path to wholeness. I’m still speechless.”
“I was blessed, challenged, inspired and more…”
“I feel like the Lord is healing me.”
“It gave me access to experts and answers for every area of life. It was empowering to know that so many women have overcome in areas where I still struggle.”
“I was feeling angry and alone. Disappointed and abandoned by God. I did not know how I was supposed to get up. I did not know how beauty would come from these ashes. Then I began to read the women’s stories of overcoming, of turning their pain into purpose and power. I made a decision that I still believe that nothing is ever wasted and that somehow God will use this too. Most importantly I knew that I must get up again to help someone else like these ladies has helped me. Thank you for being obedient to God.”
“Encouraged me that it is okay to be where I am at. Just keep pursuing wholeness.”
“It was so encouraging to hear other women who had relied on God’s love and strength to get through their trials.”
“For so many years I have tried to “take care” of everyone. I became depleted and really didn’t know how to rest. I now have a game plan to have wholeness in my rest!! I thank the Lord because He is now teaching me how to enter into His rest!!”


Q: Is this book paperback, hardback, or online?

A: This book is online. All you need is a phone, iPad, computer, or device! 

Q: Can I download it to my device?

A: Yes, you can download it to any device!

Q: Does it come in audio form?

A: Not yet, but we are working on this!

Q: Do I have to read the whole thing for it to make sense?

A: No, you can read the parts that apply to you, but each chapter is so good that you will benefit from each one. Most people will read all chapters at least once and have a few chapters they read 5, 10, or more times!

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Yes, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Q: How many freebies come with the book? Do I choose from the freebies?

A: You get ALL SIX freebies with your purchase of the book.

Q: How do I know if this book is for me?

A: If you are a woman who wants to grow in any area of your life, this book is for you.

Q: Is this a limited time offer?

A: Two of our biggest freebies are time sensitive, as they are tickets to online events that are coming up! But more importantly, we want your healing to start today. Even if you only have time to read a few minutes each day, we want you to start. Your healing is just around the corner!

Merriam-Webster defines WHOLE as
“not lacking any part or member that properly belongs to it,” “enjoying health and vigor,” and “not divided or scattered among several areas of interest or concern.”
Synonyms for whole are complete, full, unbroken, and intact.
We crave wholeness, because we were made for it.
Becoming more Whole is a process that requires intentionality and active participation.

You can have “nothing lacking,” “health and vigor,” “freedom from worry,” and a “complete, full, unbroken, and intact” life!