Exchange Your Overwhelm for Peaceful Confidence

with Dr. Barbara

August 29th, 2019
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Who should attend this event...
  • Are you a busy woman who wants to feel better but do not know how because you are so busy and overwhelmed by life demands?

  • Are you drowning in overwhelm, wondering “where is the life I dreamed of?”

  • Do you wonder if your earlier traumas or childhood hurts are negatively impacting your relationships?

  • Is your anxiety impacting your sleep or your eating?

  • Are you “Over It” and need a profoundly refreshing change?

  • What would your feel like if you lived from PEACEFUL CONFIDENCE?

  • What if you stress could melt away and life could feel good again?

  • Imagine what could be possible if you were happy and confident in every area of your life.

  • This webinar will teach you faith plus therapy skills that will facilitate an outpouring of SECURITY, BELONGING, and CONFIDENCE in your life!

    Dr Barbara is a Licensed Psychologist and Lay Minister. She has helped thousands of women find healing, peace, and sincere joy, and she can help you too. You can live a life that is refreshed and restful while still rockin’ your world and being the woman you want to be!