60,000 unique viewers devoured content on wholeness within the first ever online women’s conference to address wholeness comprehensively.  In the spirit of wholeness, marked by unity with diversity, women of all walks of life and skin colors gathered around a central theme: “Let’s be made whole…” We were able to reach 152,000 women in 99 countries. Women put aside political differences to embraced each other; instead of competing we were completing one another.  The average online video watch time was 26 minutes (industry average is 3-5 minutes) …. over the 3 three days we had 60,000 unique visitors to the online community.  What we thought was a gathering has become a movement!

The 3W Summit testimonies are pouring in. Here are just a few:

Amazing!  I have bawled all day long…. Wow!!!!  The Holy Spirit Power of Brokenness-what a true demonstration of the Love of God’s heart. The course of my life is changed.  Thank you and know I love you.

I realized that it’s not that I’m not good enough, I just don’t have enough info!

God confirmed, encouraged, inspired, freed, set free and healed me!

It was like drinking from a firehose outlet of the fountain of living waters. Thank you so much for coordinating this. Miraculous timing in this current chapter/struggle right now for wholeness & freedom.

I found that I am not in this alone. And I am who God says I am. This whole 3W Summit 2020 impacted me so profoundly. That it transformed me in ways I could ever think or imagined! Thank all you saints. Love you all.

The 3W Summit has inspired and uplifted me and helped me see that others with imperfections, obstacles, past mistakes and trauma, fears and faults have been able, with the Lord’s help, to flourish, overcome, succeed, thrive and grow. If they can do it, it makes me feel more confident that I can do it too.

After watching…. I experienced healing in my knee. Had just moved it the wrong way when on a hike and it was swollen and a bit of pain, but I am able to have full mobility without pain. I felt God filling me as she prayed it was as if water was pouring in. I felt cooling sensations all over my body. The clicking in my elbow and toe that I had recently just asked if God could take away is no longer there either!

O…M… G!!! SO GOOD!!!!! I received so many blessings!!! I even listened to the speakers that spoke on topics I had not experienced in my life, hoping it will give me more of a tender heart to reach out and help others. We are all hurting! Really valued the speakers on body image. I have ALWAYS struggled in this area, even though I’ve always been thin, and I work out. God helped me realize this weekend that body image is actually an idol in my life, and I want Nothing before HIM! Thank you SO Much for this incredible and valuable information that spoke to the cores of my soul! I never understand that anyone could ask to speak in tongues. I’m going to try it, but admit it makes me a little nervous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience!!!!!

As someone who is just starting to speak out about my struggles with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation to see so many willingly telling their stories was encouraging it’s still hard for me especially in the area of childhood trauma and seeing these ladies moving and helping others beyond these issues gives me a lil hope when I don’t know what my purpose in it is

It strengthened my commitment to my healing journey and made me aware of my distractions that were impeding that. Also, it showed me I can fully heal by leaning on Jesus more, hearing His voice more, and trusting Him more.

This summit is God’s answer to my specific prayer to hear from Him through a women’s conference. I’ve realized that I am broken, how broken I was and that I can be made whole again in Christ.

Thanks, sis, for your obedience and for helping us girls in the kingdom live free like we ought to be!

Thank You for the variety of women who were all so unique in their ministries. One of the women shared at the summit how to be free from anger and bitterness incurred by those who have hurt us. She shared communion with us and prayed and praised the Lord. I found this so helpful. I found the man Tim at the beginning of his talk so helpful in the sense that he understood people like me who have been really traumatized feel so misunderstood by the church and those closest to us. And this further traumatizes us.

I received healing in multiple areas. I feel as though God peeled back several layers of the onion of my life and healed deep soul hurts that had been unaddressed for years. He reiterated his love for me and reminded me of his promises. He breathed new life into me. It was very encouraging to hear the testimonies of the speakers. I’m reminded that I don’t have to be perfect for God to use me. Wow, what a transformative weekend! Exactly what i needed. thanks for organizing this

It hit all of my tender spots in my heart. So much to think about and take in. It included so many sensitive topics I have not had a chance to talk to anyone about, nor really felt comfortable doing. I appreciated and felt the depth of every personal story and prayer. It was like a retreat!

It empowered me to hand the baton over to the Lord more willingly and detach my supergirl cape.

God uses every aspect of our lives, the brokenness, hurts, shame, anxiety to work everything out for his glory. I am not alone in this walk and I have God and a community of believers cheering me on. It is important to pray over the seeds that I sow into others and witness it fruits.

I was so blessed to hear the sessions I was able to join over the three days. I was built up and really felt the hard work you all did to pull this together paid off in so many ways I cannot describe. Just to hear other women openly share triumphs and disappointments and to know that I am not alone. Thank you so much for this incredible vision that you allowed God to use you to bless women. Dr. Barbara—thank you!!

The talks I listened to reminded me that no matter what happens, I will be ok. It was also good to hear respected women teachers boldly state that many of the current ideas about “ideal Christian womanhood” are not necessarily biblical; God’s plan includes women walking in His power.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! This summit has been life changing!! Thank you for having a diverse group of women speakers as well. As a young woman of color, I many times feel as if these types of conferences for women’s gatherings are not for me because women of color are not normally included in the lineup, so again thank you. Truly speechless. May God bless you tremendously for what you have poured out for women all over the world!

Can I please be a part of the team next year?  I don’t care if I have to get coffee, donuts, water!  I just want to be in the presence of you AMAZING ladies and the power of God as he works and moves through you!!!  You have my email and here’s my cell phone …….  What an awesome three days as I listened to women just like me walking through grief and healing to a place of WHOLENESS!!  Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from and meeting you

This is for all women! Won’t you join the WHOLENESS REVOLUTION?!

All the content from the 3W Summit, including the popular live feeds is still available for purchase. Purchases will help Dr Barbara Lowe and husband Pastor Tim Sauvé cover the costs of the 3W Summit.  To purchase for only $74, click here: https://www.3wsummit.com/all-access-pass-checkout

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Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist, founder and owner of Greenleaf Psychological Services, Somatic Experience practitioner, EMDR practitioner, Board Certified Life Coach, educator, lay minister, and author. As a gifted international speaker, her audiences are left with the feeling that they have been seen, that their pain has been witnessed, and that their hope for a better life has been renewed. She led the women’s panel at the American Association of Christian Counselors World Conference 2019 and she also chaired the AACC World Committee for Preventing Sexual Abuse, Harassment, and Abuses of Power. She and her husband Pastor Tim Sauvé are founders of the World Women’s Wholeness Summits (3WSummit.com), and just hosted a free, three-day (March 6-8, 2020) international on-line conference dedicated to unity with diversity, legacy, and women’s wholeness from a mental health and faith integrated platform.


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