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I am deeply grateful for opportunities to share my experience with women in all walks of life. My audiences are left with the feeling that they have been seen, that their pain has been witnessed, and that their hope for a better life has been renewed. Contact me today to book one of my five signature talks for your women’s organization, book group, or church!


Healing Your Past Wounds

What could be possible if you were to discover how to use cutting edge therapeutic tools along with the power of God to heal your mind, emotions, and relationships? What if more soul and life healing is available to you than you ever thought possible?

Hope for the Darkside of Motherhood

How do we cope with infertility, postpartum depression, and miscarriage? Where can we find hope with when motherhood is difficult, or worse, painful? And why is no one is talking about the struggles so many of us face?

Transformational Loss

When loss hits, you wonder, where is that beautiful life I imagined? How do you reconcile the many losses from your past – to create a beautiful future? What if you could transform into a more joyful and authentic self through loss?

Flawed is the New Fabulous!

Can you be both fierce and feminine? How can you be both transparent about your vulnerability and empowered to succeed? How do you navigate a room and even a profession with confidence and belief in yourself?

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

What story do you tell yourself about who you are? What narrative are you using to explain your life’s purpose? And, more importantly, is this story empowering you or undermining you? Is it possible to turn the table on your own story and transform your scars into superpowers?

Finding Your Life Purpose

What is your unique contribution to this world? What were you put here to do? What is your exclusive, exceptional gift, and how do you manifest its power to change your life and the world? And how can your weakest moments in life become your purpose and service to others?

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“Dr Barbara is a very caring and positive person. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge that has been very helpful to me personally as well as to my family. I’m so grateful for how she has supported us through some very challenging times. She is very professional yet shows that she cares deeply.” — E.R., MEBANE, NC