Ep. 25 - How to Heal Unmet Emotional Needs

You can use spiritual and personal resources to meet your emotional needs! 

Feel hurt? Lonely? Anxious? Alone? Rejected? Here is REAL HOPE! This is a rare treat! Dr Barbara teaches you how to use several faith-plus-therapy tools to heal you heart in places where your emotional needs are not met. Listen, apply these simple tools, and you will move from feeling empty to satisfied!

For more help with self-momming, see www.DrBarbaraMeditation.com

And, if you would like more help with reducing anxiety and increasing relaxation, Dr. Barbara has created a course that will catapult you forward in lavish healthy growth in boundaries, healing, confidence, and joy. The Hearts Returning Home course is now available at https://HeartsReturningHome.com.

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Tim Sauve