Ep. 24 - God is Using Misfits

Feel stuck & left out? Everything is about to change!

God is calling women to new purpose and new places of leadership. And who is He calling? He is calling those who feel bone dry and weary, who have felt left out and rejected, who have felt anxious and looked over, and who have felt like misfits. Aren’t you thankful? This misfit is!

Listen as Ericka D. James and I share what the Lord has been laying on our hearts regarding how the Lord is shifting women’s roles and therefore how women “do life.”

Beloved, He is causing old dreams that seem dead to come alive in fruitfulness now.

In this podcast, Ericka and I share transparently about how we are moving from “stuckness” into fruitfulness, and how we are dealing with the pressures and overwhelm so common to us women.

Listen as soon as you can, because this podcast is a tasty treat, providing satisfying nourishment for you spirit and soul!

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Tim Sauve