Ep. 44 – Overcoming the Three D’s – with REAL TALK KIM

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Overcoming the Three D’s – with REALTALKKIM

Rising from the Ashes of Depression, Divorce, and Domestic Violence to REAL PURPOSE

  • Are you feeling down?

  • Are you feeling like a failure?

  • Do you wonder if your calling has passed you by?

  • Are you just “done”?

  • Or are you super-angry and do not know what to do with your emotion?

Then you MUUUUUST listen to this podcast!


Real Talk Kim has gone from Divorce (x2), Depression, and being a victim of Domestic Violence to being the “Social Media” Pastor to Millions! (Yes, millions!)

We go deep and high…This interview is honest, real, raw, and SOOOOO EMPOWERING AND ENCOURAGING!!

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And check out Real Talk Kim at https://realtalkkim.com/

I cherish you sooooo much!!! (That is why I do what I do!!)

P.S. I would love for you to rate us with a 5-star rating on iTunes!

Dr. Barbara

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