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Ep. 181 - Can Emotions Be Sinful? - Tough Topic Series with Dr. Barbara

Ep. 181 – Can Emotions Be Sinful?

– Tough Topic Series

with Dr. Barbara

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

God designed emotions to move us toward secure attachment and away from attachment danger. Research shows we always enact our emotional brain. Today on the Whole Life Podcast we focus on the wisdom of emotional data. Jesus was fully aware of his body and emotions. We have the gift of tuning into Him as he helps us discern why we feel the way we do.

You’ll learn about the neurology of your emotions that explains irrational or irregular behavior. I want you to know how to manage your emotional pain! The enemy attempts to work negatively in your emotions, but you have the power to regulate your emotions with the tools I share and through the Word of God. Your brain looks for a threat and encodes that first.

On May 11th, I dive deeper into the topic of managing your emotional pain at a Live Online Master Class. I highlight several researched-based tools that nourish you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. My goal for you is to conceptualize that your emotions work as signals sent to yourself alerting you to take action. Feelings of fear and sadness can stem from a broken attachment or a past unresolved trauma. During the Master Class, we uncover the root of your pain, bring it to the surface, and heal from the inside out. Go deeper with me on May 11th!


  • Don’t miss this! May 11th at 7PM EDT. (REPLAY AVAILABLE BY EMAIL) I host a one time only Live Online Master Class “How Do I Handle My Emotional Pain?” Expect to walk away from this Master Class with an arm full of emotional regulation tools and clear direction of about Jesus’ plan for you! ONE TIME ONLY.

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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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