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Ep. 180 - What Happens within a Christian Therapy Session? - Tough Topic Series with Dr. Barbara

Ep. 180 – What Happens within a Christian Therapy Session?

– Tough Topic Series

with Dr. Barbara

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Oooo girl! Today on the Whole Life Podcast I pull away the veil of what happens in a Christian Intensive Therapy Session. When I bring people into an Intensive, we offer them a cozy, safe, and welcoming place. The client and I go deep from 9-5 which gives us the opportunity to develop a therapeutic relationship throughout the day rather than it taking multiple sessions.

I have the incredible opportunity to share tools and invite the Holy Spirit to come as we encounter him together. You start with stability tools that assist you in grounding yourself and we lay the foundation to work on a deeper reconstruction of your heart. As we move through the Breakthrough Intensive, we unearth the unmet needs from your childhood and spend time encountering Jesus as your Father who gives you a felt sense of a parent.

A Breakthrough Intensive encapsulates the best practices of therapeutic tools for YOU! We may use Art Therapy techniques, EMDR technology, and cognitive restructuring to forgive yourself and the perpetrators of your past. Beloved, we take your traumas and put them under the white linen. A Christian Intensive Therapy Session offers a time of deep healing and rich peace!


  • Does a Breakthrough Intensive sound like an opportunity you want to continue in? Dr. Barbara’s Breakthrough Intensives provide the opportunity for rich healing and internal discovery. Spend 1-3 days with Dr. Barbara as you unearth trauma wounds from your past and encounter Jesus for supernatural healing. Click here to begin your journey.

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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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