Ep. 18 – Hope for Today by Healing My Yesterday

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Learn how your present struggles could be linked to your past, and how to heal and transform!

Dr. Heather Davediuk Gingrich, Author, Professor, and Christian Counselor shares with us how the past can often be present and gives us hope for how to heal from the wounds of our past.  Dr. Gingrich and Dr. Barbara explain the 3-stage model of trauma healing, and how to work through trauma while still staying functional and balanced in life. Dr. Gingrich also explains how to choose a good counselor.

Trauma is all around us, and much more present in many of our lives than we are usually aware. This is a must listen to podcast regarding what the process of healing from traumas looks like. You will find real hope for your soul and the souls around you!

I truly truly love you!

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