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Ep. 164 - Overcoming Fears that Come from Trauma (Part 2) with Coach Ashley

Ep. 164 – Overcoming Fears that Come from Trauma (Part 2)

with Coach Ashley 

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Jesus never leaves you helpless. Coach Ashley speaks passionately with us again this week on the Whole Life Podcast about the secure attachment we have to the Lord. How exhausting it can be to long for the hope and expectations of other people when the Lord calls us to him. Coach Ashley shares how she felt stuck in a “victim mentality” and how it kept her from getting her real needs met from the Lord.

The enemy tells us that “no one will be there for you”, Cancel the lies of the enemy! Coach Ashley identified truths within the Hearts Returning Home Course. She renewed her mind with the empowering truth of the Lord: “I will never leave or forsake you”. Keep this glorious promise in the front of your mind. Break off the lies and release the truth that God will take care of you and support you in every season of life.


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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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