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Whole Life Podcast
Ep. 162 - Bringing Trauma Healing To Your Church (Part 2) with Pastor Sonia Poitter

Ep. 162 – Bringing Trauma Healing

To Your Church (Part 2)

with Pastor Sonia Poitter 

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Pastor Sonia Poitter is back with us today for part two of her dynamic, wounded healer story. Interconnected with a healing community, Pastor Sonia and I work to multiply healing and invite you to receive trauma healing with us. The Lord chose to embrace our pain, weep with you, and hold you in his fatherly arms. The enemy wants to tear you down and use your trauma against you. Be the enemy’s counter assignment and seek the relief God chases you down for.

Pastor Sonia releases a healing prayer activation to you today. Sink into safety, race towards healing, launch into love. Her prayer activation empowers and propels you to put your healing first, and then embark on multiplication. Your strength will soothe and stabilize the women around you who are suffering. Tap into your divine potential.


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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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