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Whole Life Podcast
Ep. 149 - I Saw The Eyes of Jesus (Part 2) with Ana Werner

Ep. 149 – I Saw The Eyes of Jesus (Part 2) with Ana Werner

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Another episode of the Whole Life Podcast full of encounters and sensing fire infusions with Ana Werner is here! Girls, if you are looking to deepen your ability to sense the Lord with your ears, eyes, touch, smell, & even taste; listen here!

Ana shares more stories of supernatural encounters with us that she has experienced and brought her closer to the Lord. Take time, close your eyes to be still in your thoughts, and imagine sitting with him and you will begin to hear what he is trying to tell you. Encountering him supernaturally is never out of a place of performance but out of a place of getting to know him and developing the intimate relationship you are searching for. This simple experience will begin your physical experience of sensing Jesus in all forms.


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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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