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Ep. 147 - Overcome Fear and Rejection ( Part 2) with Steffany Gretzinger

Ep. 147 – Overcome Fear and Rejection (Part 2) with Steffany Gretzinger

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Girl, you know I couldn’t just have Steffany Gretzinger on for one episode!? She is back for a Part Two diving in even deeper to the way of living when we are in a committed, disciplined, relationship with Jesus. As Christians, we die to the self to find life in him. As earthly beings we experience anxiety and fear but he did not create us to be that way.

Steffany and I talk about the difference between habits and discipleship. Habits come from a Psychological realm while following Christ and consciously practicing his ways comes from a discipleship realm. Being able to come from a heart of discipline, we embrace the life he has created us for. He calls us to hear him and tune in when we are in a mental space of anxiety. The moment we press in closer to listen, Jesus will meet you there and unravel those anxious emotions into a pure, free, whole life.


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You have ALL of my love!

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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