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Ep. 145 - Moving into Sexual Wholeness with Caitlin Zick

Ep. 145 – Moving into Sexual Wholeness with Caitlin Zick

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Oh girls were going there today. Pastor Caitlin Zick from the non-profit organization Moral Revolution at Bethel Ministries talking alllll about getting WHOLE in our sex lives! In this episode of the Whole Life Podcast Caitlin shares her personal story and journey with her sex life diving into all the tough topics. She is passionate about fighting for women & men to have healthy, pure, and celebrated sex lives!

Moral Revolution works to help parents teach their children that the word “sex” is not shameful. It is biblical, sacred, and a gift from God. The shame surrounding sex can be a hindrance to individuals and breed trauma. The Lord makes it possible to go from sexual brokenness to sexual wholeness. He removes your sin & breaks every chain to renounce your identity into something pure, powerful, and free!


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-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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