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Ep. 144 - On Being a Powerful Woman with Hayley Braun

Ep. 144 – On Being a Powerful Woman with Hayley Braun

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Precious and Beloved Friend,

Powerful women around the world unite! Today we are joined by Hayley Braun, an Overseer of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry Online. Hayley is here today talking about what it means to be a powerful woman in ministry and beyond. Stepping into becoming a woman of strength is all about being evenly yoked. Sometimes it is in our nature to try and do ALL things for ALL people and we spread ourselves too thin.

There is an external cultural expectation that creates an unhealthy drive to always hit the mark. Jesus does not call us to be everything. Hayley shares that she has learned she must take her place within the body of Christ. He is the potter we are the clay. You will always be significant to God and he longs for you to draw closer to him and surrender to his rhythm.


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