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Ep. 121 - Lifting Standards + Getting Whole & Stable, Motivated by Love (Part 1) with Ugonna Ukwu

Ep. 121 – Lifting Standards + Getting Whole & Stable, Motivated by Love (Part 1) with Ugonna Ukwu

Precious and Beloved Friend,

What a special week! This week we are joined by my sweet friend Ugonna Ukwu, our lead Coach with the Hearts Returning Home Journey Course. This week is all about motivation and radiating the GLOW of the Holy Spirit as we serve him.✨

This week we are talking about how we are Kingdom Superspreaders and how the Love of God is what motivates us to elevate our standards and better serve in the workplace, at church, in your homes, and beyond.🙌🔥

Ugonna shares from her heart about her journey to becoming a Nurse a little over a year ago and launching right into the COVID-19 Pandemic. She has not given into fear and has trusted in the Lord every step of the way through this season of change and uncertainty. Ugonna has remained focused on the certainty of God’s love and guidance and encourages us with that word.💪💖


• 🏠Get ready for the doors to Hearts Returning Home: Stability to open! What is it that you really want and need in 2021? Your true and deep need may be for a whole, stable, empowered heart. A peace that carries you through each day. There is so much goodness Here for you! 💕

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You have ALL of my love! 🥰 🥰 🥰

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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