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Ep. 113 - Breaking Free from Dieting, Binging, & Hating How You Look and Feel (Part 1) with Robia Scott

Ep. 113 – Breaking Free from Dieting, Binging, & Hating How You Look and Feel (Part 1) with Robia Scott

Precious and Beloved Friend,

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is more difficult than the outside world makes it seem. Struggles with binge eating, physical insecurities, feeling tormented by pressures from the outside world are all widespread difficulties women face EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Honey, if this is you, you ARE NOT alone, and you ARE going to FIND FREEDOM! 💪🏽💐

On today’s podcast we have the pleasure of hearing from the incredible Actress, Dancer, Speaker, and Coach, Robia Scott on her personal struggles with obsession with food, body image, dieting, binging and eating disorders. She searched and pursued the Lord, but still struggled with the torment of her eating disorder.

As she moved into her purpose filled life with Christ she had to overcome the Devil’s attempts at keeping her STUCK and HURTING. This episode will empower you to press into the calling that Christ has for you and how to feel BEAUTIFUL as He created us. 😍

Beloved, I pray that you are as touched by my conversation with Robia as I have been and begin to SEE yourself for who you are in Christ. Robia has generously offered our listeners tools for living in FULLNESS in mind, body and spirit. 🙌✨


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You have ALL of my love! 🥰 🥰 🥰

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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