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Ep. 111 - Wholeness In Her Purpose with Mimika Cooney

Ep. 111 – Wholeness In Her Purpose with Mimika Cooney

Precious and Beloved Friend,

Beloved! 2020 is coming to a close🙌🏼. I know how difficult this year has been for ALL of us, but it has taught us lessons of patience, perseverance, and PURPOSE. To wrap up this unexpected and somewhat messy year, we have Mimika Cooney sharing her story of finding a whole, surrendered purpose, even when things aren’t perfect. 💃🏼✨

I asked Mimika to share about the “messy middle” and unlocking our potential. God has used my friend in MIGHTY ways!!! She is a coach, author, speaker and podcaster who teaches you how to walk in purpose, discover and do what you were made for, and break the power of blockages that have held you back. 💪

Her story will inspire and empower you to accept the graciousness God has offered to us going into 2021 and how we can THRIVE and GROW in wholeness and purpose🌿💫🌻.

Powerful & beautiful ones, I love you and am PROUD of how you have pressed on this year. Let’s start 2021 off strong TOGETHER. 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏼



• Get ready for the doors to Hearts Returning Home: Stability to open! What is it that you really want and need in 2021? Your true and deep need may be for a whole, stable, empowered heart. A peace that carries you through each day. There is so much goodness Here for you! 💕🏠

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You have ALL of my love! 🥰 🥰 🥰

-Dr. Barbara (and Team)

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