Breakthrough Intensives


“Dr. Barbara is one of the women that has the greatest impact on my life. She has helped me to link the connections between my body, soul and mind in powerful ways. Her joy for her work and her care for the whole person is contagious. In my work with her through intensive breakthrough weekends, I have collected so much self-growth material that I love to return back to, for inspiration and in my darker moments. I find her to be so intelligent, compassionate, full of wisdom, and motivating! I have carried my work with her into so many dimensions of my life, personally and professionally. As a fellow practitioner, she has also helped equip me with tools to help empower the lives of others. I am so grateful to have found her, I refer to her as a treasure chest."

- Rosemary M, Maine 

Travel to North Carolina for exclusive weekends with Dr. Barbara and be prepared for deep transformation. Dr. Barbara will guide you through five sessions of therapy, prayer, encouragement, and teaching. These profoundly cathartic weekends will help you reframe your life and re-envision your future. Breakthrough intensives are designed for individuals or very small groups.