About Dr. Barbara


As a Licensed Psychologist, I know that none of us are given a life free of pain and suffering, and I am no exception to this rule. Challenges and scars are what make us human, but with hard work, the right tools, faith, and unconditional love pushing us forward, we can turn our challenges into positive change, and turn our scars into superpowers. When I discovered that I could turn my broken times into tools for living a whole life, I knew that I could no longer be content letting other women stay in the shadows of their own pain. I knew that my life’s work was to bring those women into the light so that they could embrace their fully fabulous and beautifully flawed selves.

I knew that my life’s work was to bring women into the light so that they could embrace their fully fabulous and beautifully flawed selves.

I have been fortunate to  witness women make these powerful transformations every day in my office. My work inspires hope: yes, you really can have a different life! Every woman has innate desires aching to be fulfilled. What’s more, the world is aching for women to fulfill those desires and uncover their unique gifts.

Perhaps my most powerful message is that it is okay to be flawed and that, in fact, it is our flaws are what become our “fabulous.” Whatever form the fire in a woman’s life has taken - loss, trauma, deep disappointment, rejection, or neglect - I fully believe in her ability to rise through the ashes and be reborn. When a structure is ravaged by fire, building upon the foundation left behind is not an easy process.  In order to create a better version of what once was, it is necessary to fully understand what came before. The builder needs to understand the footprint of that old building before renovation begins. Likewise, when we are rebuilding our lives - and our heart homes - we must honor what came before. Only then can we truly invest in the project of our own life and make that life what was originally intended… a healthy, reconstructed heart home, full of belonging, confidence, purpose, and joy.

I feel the gift in you.  I see that you can become a Phoenix, reborn into something fierce and beautiful.

I believe in you. You can too.


My work as an inspirational guide for women is supported by the following experiences and licensures:  

  • Licensed Psychologist

  • Psychological Practice Founder and Owner

  • Lay Minister

  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

  • EMDR Practitioner

  • Board Certified Life Coach

  • Educator

  • Researcher