If I asked you right now to describe the unique contribution are you called to impart to the world through your life, what would you say?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring different facets of being seen, seeing ourselves, allowing others to see us, “doing life” with those who see and believe in us, and living in the confidence that God sees, values, and wants to use us in this world in powerful ways.

We have talked about need to courageously allow safe others to see our needs, hurts, and pains….So important, dear one…

But just as imperative…we need to be SEEN, REALLY SEEN, in our potential. YOUR gifts, talents, and passions and YOUR UNIQUE EXPRESSION of those gifts, talents, and passions need to be seen…seen by yourself…seen by faithful others…and seen “in use” by the world!

You have something to offer us mortals that is exclusive and exceptional, that no one else has to offer, and the world is aching….ACHING for you to manifest your superpowers! There are specific people in the world, people around you, people whom you have met and people whom you have never met, who need…sometimes DESPERATELY need what you have to offer. This is serious my friend. We need YOU to be YOU in all your glory.

My husband is a master at this profound deep, faith-filled, empowering type of “seeing people” that we are talking about. He sees who they are and who they can be, without judgment, and with great faith. He is a “people whisperer,” and can tell story after story where he has validated and developed the gifts in others, created  situations to cultivate their blooming, and watched them develop like  beautiful and fruitful gardens, bearing fruit for many.

This is how he was able to develop a worship ministry in a church of 1,000 members where over 30 percent of the congregation was involved in the worship arts ministry. He connected with people authentically, loved them, saw their potential and created places where their gifts could be expressed. His belief in others facilitated the growth of 14 different worship teams, each with their own style and purpose, from a bluegrass worship team to an evangelic team that performed in bars.

You may or may not be a musician, but you do NEED to be seen and believed in. Your gift, and your way of expressing it is vital to others!

Find those people who believe in you, who see your potential, and grow those connections. It is time to invest less in relationships with those who see you “as you have been” and more in those who see what you are becoming. This is what God sees and is pulling out of you, even now! When others believe in us, it helps us to believe in us, especially when we received contrary messages as we grew up.

No one in sight who fits this description? Pray specifically for people who will, by faith, believe in you and in your calling, and who will work with you to hone your gifts! God has a posse for you who will be key players in helping you move into the places God has for you. In the Old Testament we see many who did not enter into the promises of God, did not enter into their “promised lands” because they gave up or settled to soon. Don’t settle for anything but your gifts and call being released on the world fiercely! Be determined!

And as you begin to flow in your calling and giftings, be sure to be there for others, seeing them and believing in them as well!

– Dr. Barbara