By: Dr. Barbara Lowe

Do you have dreams and big goals for your life but secretly fear that your deepest fears about yourself are true?…

That you are not enough?..

That you don’t have what it takes?…

You can learn to move from this super stuck place of Impostor Syndrome and catapult forward into your superpowers!

Research tells us that all of us can be vulnerable to impostor syndrome, also known as impostor phenomenon (Imes and Clance, 1978), fraud syndrome or the impostor experience. Those struggling with impostor syndrome frequently have deep seated fears about their own inadequacies, and are desperately afraid that these fears are true. Consequently, not owning one’s successes, procrastination (out of fear of failure or of success), overcompensating, and self sabotaging behaviors can be rampant. Interestingly, those struggling with impostor syndrome are often seen as successful by others.  Impostor syndrome is frequently paired with painful and exacting perfectionism where one is working ever harder to truly feel successful, attractive, smart, or good enough. Impostor syndrome leads us to count our successes as luck, and our perceived failures as evidence of our inadequacies. It causes us to step back, bullied by self doubts and anxieties; it prevents us from believing in ourselves, our dreams, our voices, our potential, and prevents us from stepping forward to create the lives we crave. It can cause us to quit on our dreams prematurely. Impostor syndrome can lead to dysthymia and depression, which prevent us even more from pursuing the lives which we seek. Most of us will struggle with impostor syndrome in our lifetimes, and we are especially more vulnerable when we are taking on new challenges.

If you wonder that you might struggle with impostor syndrome, you are not alone. In fact, you are in good company! Even powerful and successful individuals such as Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Serena Williams, John Steinbeck, Maya Angelou, Howard Schultz, Lady Gaga, Sonia Sotomayor, and Natalie Portman have all admitted to struggling with impostor syndrome.

Ok, so we see this in ourselves…and it hurts; it makes us cringe inwardly. We can see that our insecurities are limiting us from being all that we want to be, for ourselves and for others…

What do we do with all this PAINFUL self doubt AND how do we then pursue our passions and dreams?

First, we must realize that everyone is flawed and weird. YOU ARE NOT AN ANOMALY, and neither am I. We look at ourselves from the inside out, and we see the whole of who we are and have been, all of it, including the ugly. We only see a highly edited version of everyone else, usually only that which they choose to show us. If you were living within any other person 24/7, you would also see every failure, every weird thought, every faux pas that person commits. Yes, you are flawed and weird, BUT WE ALL ARE. More importantly, you are also uniquely and incredibly gifted, as WE ALL ARE!

Second, we must discover our gifts and choose to move forward in pursuing our dreams. You were made to flourish in your own version of greatness…AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOU TO BLOOM so that they can benefit from your amazing gifts, talents, and personalized expression of humanity. YOU MUST INVENTORY YOUR PASSIONS AND GIFTS AND START MOVING FORWARD IN THEM with concrete steps, and with a semblance of faith that you are needed in this world.

Third, we must ask for and receive support from those who GET OUR DREAMS. You were not made to do this alone, but you were made to pursue the dreams on your heart, with the help of supportive others. Find those (meaning several people) who hear your heart…your dream, and who have the bandwidth to give you support!

You can do this!

I believe in you, now it is time for you to believe in you!

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