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Every time I meet with Dr. Barbara my heart is lifted, my mind grows, and my emotions feel like they’ve been nurtured in a blanket of love, acceptance, and hope. Her skills and compassion bring a sense of possibility out of what often feels like rubble. I trust her and go to her for friendship and love. What a gift she is to the world!
-- Lynette Lewis, TEDx speaker, Author of Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos


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Hearts Returning Home is our newest program that is a faith + therapy approach for women to heal childhood wounds and life traumas.

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I'm Dr. Barbara and I'm here to help you discover your whole self so you can live a whole life.

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I have seen women just like you transform that baggage into a badge of honor. I have guided women through the ashes and watched them emerge to embrace their passions and live their fullest lives.

I have walked through those ashes myself. I’ve seen what’s possible. I know that you can carry your whole story into the present and use it to create your whole self.

You’re not who you are in spite of what you’ve gone through. You’re who you are because of it. Transform your vulnerability into power, your burdens into blessings. Become who you’re meant to be.

Become your whole self, live a whole life.


Dr. Barbara’s message moves women like you through life-changing transformations.


She can help you:

  • Replace shame with generous, open-armed self-acceptance.

  • Find the courage to face loss and past trauma.

  • Free yourself from stuck, self-sabotaging patterns.

  • Discover mental, emotional, and spiritual tools for living a fuller life.  

  • Care for yourself the way you care for those you deeply love.

  • Finally understand what it feels like to live a whole, fully awake life.

  • Shed self-doubt and believe in your own worth.

  • Find the personal mission the world is waiting for you to carry out.

What will your metamorphosis look like?

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Dr. Barbara is warm, generous and motherly.  Her enthusiasm and conviction are compelling and an inspiration.  She is able to hold the space for a person to pull themselves through a dark night of the soul.  After my last conversation with her, I felt comforted and supported--the gift of her confidence in me helped me dig up my own in a time of pervasive fear and uncertainty.
-- L.N.

Dr. Barbara was an absolute delight to work with! She's personable, intentional, and really does believe in you! She sees the gold in you and calls it out! Her techniques and style of coaching allowed me to see various issues for different points of view and to be able to overcome stressful situations. She really helped me center myself and become much more aware of how my body physically responds to different encounters. She is a joy to work with and truly loves what she does! She has truly changed my life!
-- S.L. 

Dr. Barbara is simply the best...She always makes you feel welcome, listened to, and cared for. At the same time, she's not afraid to give honest advice. When you meet with Dr. Barbara, you know that she truly cares about the well being of all of her patients.... In short, I cannot recommend Dr. Barbara highly enough!
-- S.D.

Have you worked hard to achieve success in life, love, parenting, and career, only to find yourself weary, stuck, and disillusioned?  

Does that pain and disappointment feel like a physical burden? Do you long to put it down?